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December 9, 2020by Valueline

Whenever we talk about bathtubs, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Jacuzzi. That’s the niche this brand has carved over the years.

Jacuzzi luxury bathtubs available at Valueline:

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bathtub

Valueline brings you Jacuzzi Whirlpool bathtubs. These bathtubs are actually doing rounds in news in luxury segment.  It is a bathtub that houses self-contained jets. These jets are either air or water jets, but their primary function is to massage the user for both relaxation and health purposes. Air jet whirlpools contain dozens of small jets that pump warm air through to create air bubbles while water jet whirlpool have fewer but larger jets that push water at high speeds. The main benefit of a whirlpool tub is that it creates a deeper massage sensation than any other tub in the market.

Jacuzzi Sharp Extra 










Jacuzzi freestanding bathtub

ARGA Bathtub

Indulge in a multisensory Swirl pool experience in Jacuzzi’s Arga bathtub.

Freestanding is the best selling style of bathtubs. The reason behind their popularity is, it can be freely fit and don’t require connecting walls to be installed. This also deliver a more vibrant foundation for your bathroom artistically compared to most drop-in tubs and are priced quite evenly to the other options on the market.


Jacuzzi Hot tubs

With a growing demand to stay home, the desire for at-home wellness is increasing demand for hot tubs around the globe. Hot tubs that aren’t engineered for comfort defeat the whole purpose of owning one. That’s why Jacuzzi brand hot tub seating configurations are ergonomically designed for ultimate pleasure. Sleek, sculpted designs pamper you and allow to you move around freely, unlike the angular hard edges common to other competitors. Another reason Jacuzzi brand hot tub feel better is because they are built better — using only premium components that save energy, increase durability, protect the beauty of your hot tub and enhance your overall experience.

Jacuzzi LODGE S

Jacuzzi Hottub lodge s

Jacuzzi Corner Tubs

The most difficult to install by yourself is corner bathtubs, however corner bathtubs can easily optimize your floor space and squeeze into any corner. Corner bathtubs also have additional water settings that you perhaps may need to hire a professional to sort out if you are unfamiliar with the plumbing. Though aesthetically corner tubs are a visual treat to the eyes if you have a large size bathroom.

Aura corner Aqua foul

Jacuzzi Aura corner bathtub



Researchers have confirmed the wellness effects of hydrotherapy – improved circulation, decreased joint pain, and an acceleration of the body’s natural healing processes.

Every bathtub is a different concept in itself. Choose your favorite design from the wide range available only at Valueline, depending on the size and design of your bathroom. Visit to the nearest Valueline showroom to get expert advice on bathtubs.



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