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“It’s time for your homes to catch up with the SMART world, introducing HOME AUTOMATION by VALUELINE – SMART Homes for the Smart generation”

Features : Chore Automation (how many hours/week of chores can automation cut down)
“Automate & chill – leave the mundane tasks of switching on the geyser every morning or turning off the lights before leaving home to your new Digital Assistant – Explore Home Automation & Upgrade to SMART”
Work smarter, not harder : Design your home to work for you.
Automate –> Systemize –> Delegate and enjoy the luxury of a SMART home.
“Smart homes are gradually developing into a form of AI service that operates in an autonomous manner by self understanding(learning) the behaviors of the residents & servicing them without the need for explicit input.”
“Imagine coming home from work, entering your front door and hearing the soothing tones of your favorite music – all because your comfortable home is also SMART now”

“Technology is changing the relationship we have with our homes”

Use terms like “Connected home space”, “Smart Home Ecosystem”.

Features :
– Chore Automation
– Energy management/analysis
– Scheduling of devices
– No rewiring (retrofit-ability)
– Works locally even when internet is not working


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Valueline is the the epitome of international bath and kitchen luxury. Since 2002 we are improving the lifestyle, health and wellness of our clients by supplying highest quality luxury products to our clients. Our customer centric approach made us a renowned name in India for luxury sanitary ware, bath and kitchen products.

Some of the best brands we deal with are Villeroy and Boch, Jacuzzi®, TOTO, Vitra, Dorn Bracht, THG, Milldue, Agape, Alape, Carimali, Fima, Daniel, Sloan, Alumil, the artceram, Warendorf, .... etc
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